Structured Light Optics

Our research focuses on the study of properties of light, its propagation, manipulation, and characterization.  The transverse profile of the optical field provides a fertile ground for numerous applications including imaging, classical and quantum communications, and metrology. The benefit in such applications typically grows out of the fact that more than one bit of information can be encoded onto a single photon. In our group, we focus on applications of structured light for the above applications in free space and random media. We conduct experiments on how to realize different structures and statistics on a laser beam, and how to characterize such properties at the single-photon level.

Quantum Optics with Structured Photons 

Multi-photon interference is a critical part of many quantum technologies including quantum communications, quantum computation, and quantum state engineering, and quantum metrology. Our research on multi-photon interference has focused on the question of how structured light can be deployed in multi-photon interference experiments, and how employing structured-light can benefit from the inclusion of structurally manipulated photons? We continue to study the consequences of interference of more than one photon at an efficient mode sorter, and how we can engineer different quantum states by employing such technologies.